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Loose Change


* DOWNLOAD the song here (MP3)

ORIGINAL VERSION of Unlock The Door appears on the record, LEVERS AND PULLEYS

During the demos for our first record, Levers and Pulleys, Mark Ray and I spent many nights experimenting within the process of making songs. The evening usually involved trying stuff out, burning a reference CD, and ultimately, driving around downtown St. Louis listening to mixes. For me, that process of exploration and discovery was the best part of making the record and I have a lot of great memories of that time.

One of the earliest songs to come out of these sessions was the song “Unlock the Door.” Mark Ray and I were pretty happy with the initial version and thought the song was complete in its original state – however, somehow, the recording was lost to the computer gods. After a few other failed stabs at re-recording the song (including an ill-advised attempt at hand-bone percussion) the song was thought to be lost. However, an old resonator guitar rescued the song from the recording graveyard and its final (more sanguine) version is one of my favorite moments on, “Levers and Pulleys.”

I thought the demo was lost but I recently discovered one of the bruned CDs we made to drive around to… funny what a little spring cleaning will uncover. It was a nice reminder of the start of what became our first record and of a really great period for making music – I hope the version hints at the positive energy that surrounded the making of the first record.

I know there are other dead soldiers lying around that I hope to post from time to time… I’ll keep looking. Until then, enjoy!

Happy listening!

John Horton – lead guitar
Chris Grabau – slide acoustic, wah bass, handclaps, vocal
Jeremy Brown – mandolin, violin
Mark Ray – samples, drums, handclaps