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Lines From The Frame (Deluxe Edition)

A double CD that includes Lines from the Frame and both 2010 EPS (The Current Moves & The Slip That Leads Into The Fall).  Packing is a hand stamped design on a recycled sleeve.  Limited quantities available.

CD is printed with vegetable-based inks and the carbon footprint for manufacturing is offset via




Lines From The Frame

1. Like Setting Suns
2. Diminished Returns
3. Short Wave Decline
4. Birds Without A Wire
5. To Better Days
6. (Mercer)
7. Wrong Chords
8. Lines From The Frame
9. By Your Side
10. Pulling Phase To Ground
11. Epitaph

The Current Moves (EP)
1. Bird
2. The Current Moves
3. Pulling Phase To Ground (Horn Mix)
4. The High Road
5. Diminished Returns (RAC Remix)

The Slip That Leads Into The Fall (EP)
1. Rangeline
2. The Second Voyage
3. The Slip That Leads Into The Fall
4. Planned Obsolescence
5. A Part Of The Whole