Levers And Pulleys

released: 5/2003


01. Pushing the Needle Too Hard
02. Summer Moon
03. At Least For Now
04. Break In
05. Wish You Well
06. Baton Rouge
07. Canary
08. Your Brightest Consolation
09. Standing Still
10. Unlock The Door
11. Figure:Ground
12. Maybesomeday

“Through means of dramatic, metaphoric or poetic overlay, every word in this band’s name and album title are reflected in the music contained within. It’s organically gorgeous while purposefully ordered and propulsive. The shifting lineup is built around songwriter, singer and guitarist Chris Grabau (based in St. Louis, some of the players can also be found in the ranks of such outfits asWaterloo, Nadine, Climber and the Rockhouse Ramblers). The varied instrumentation allows for appropriate settings for a project that is first and foremost about the songs. From the shimmering guitars and incendiary bearing of  “Wish You Well” to the laid-back twilight of “Figure: Ground” and “Maybe Someday,” the songs sparkle, as Grabau sings with a fragile urgency, allowing lyric phrases to bob to the surface and then swim away. Levers and Pulleys may be hard to pin down stylistically, but it’s unified by the strength of the writing and the sympathetic arrangements.” David Greenberger, Metroland Online