From Driveways’ Lost View

Release Date: 3/2006

01. Along For A Ride
02. Once In Awhile
03. Director
04. Sink Or Swim
05. Sum Of All Fears
06. Words For War
07. The Passing Days
08. Lost In The Way
09. Habitrail
10. Casting Satellites
11. Palindrome

From Driveways’ Lost View is the second full-length from St. Louis’ Magnolia Summer. In contrast to the hushed, intimate quality of the band’s 2003 debut, Levers and Pulleys, View reveals a louder, rawer, and more spontaneous side of Magnolia Summer, one that’s already quite familiar to fans of the live shows. Distorted guitars buzz and howl against the blast of drums and bass, but despite the aggressive edge, Magnolia Summer retains its distinctive grace and vulnerability.

“The end result is an engaging album that bursts with movement: A little bit Wilco’s ragged storytelling, sometimes Built to Spill’s noisy-jumpy indie rock, often R.E.M.’s Out of Time-era regal jangle, View isn’t afraid to smash expectations or transcend genres (Annie Zaleski, The Riverfront Times, May 10, 2006).