LFTF Review: The Big Takeover

May 14, 2009

1429big takeover review:  This release continues on in the Magnolia Summer tradition of sounding like the perfect soundtrack to a riverfront summer concert, a cooler full of Anheuser-Busch products parked next to the lawn chair.  Putting that into a musical equivalent, Magnolia Summer falls somewhere between the spawn of Uncle Tupelo: Son Volt and Wilco. Chris Grabau and company capture the country spirit of Son Volt (“By Your Side”) and blend it with Wilco’s Southern California pop sound (“Pulling Phase to Ground”).  But, on their third release, they’ve started stretching boundaries as well as evidenced by the fleshed-out ending of “Diminished Returns,” an eyes-closed, hip swaying, head down jam that showcases the band’s break from the expected. Another great Americana release by this St. Louis band.

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